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Prince Charles converts his Aston Martin

Aston Martin converted to run on bio fuel

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Prince Charles has converted the Aston Martin that he was given on his 21st Birthday by the Queen to run on biofuel. The Aston Martin averages ten miles per gallon which would be the equivalent of 4.5 bottles of wine for every mile. He has also converted his other cars which include a Range Rover, several Jaguars and an Audi to run on used cooking oil.

Prince Charles has a strong interest in environmental issues and this is a way of reducing his carbon emissions. The biofuels are converted and provided by Green Fuels Limited, a British company that has also provided biodiesel to power the royal train. It was reported that the wine used for the bioethanol comes from current vintage that remains after English wine producers reach the EU limit for annual wine production. The prince uses wine from a vineyard close to his Highgrove Estate.