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Toyota unveil the Toyota FT-86 Concept

A compact design sports car

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Request a TOYOTA test drive

The Toyota FT-86 Concept is still two years away from production it is neither an electric vehicle nor a hybrid vehicle, but is a sports model with a gasoline engine developed to convey the essential appeal of cars in a new era.

It is thought the Toyota FT-86 Concept will be exhibited at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show It is a compact, rear-wheel drive sports concept car with a flash red finish that embodies speed and the excitement of driving that give cars their appeal as well as environmental performance. Toyota is targeting a sub-£20,000 price tag on the Toyota FT-86 and will focus on low weight and purity of handling. It's shorter than a BMW 1 Series Coupé by 20cm, but will still seat four. In addition to being light and having a low center of gravity, the Toyota FT-86 Concept boasts the handling of a racing car. Part of this sensation is due to its 6-speed manual transmission and ADVICS brakes. The interior of the Toyota FT-86 is distinctive, featuring an instrument panel with a gray and white base, gauges with red neon lights and digital displays, and a navigation system.

I have a Toyota Celica St185 Gt4 which is nearly 20 years old, this car is very reliable!!! I was saddend that Toyota had no replacement for the Celica, but this concept Toyota FT-86 car looks like a ideal replacement and it's rear wheel drive I'M PLEASED TO SEE TOYOTA BACK WITH ANOTHER GOOD LOOKING CAR!!! ALL TOYOTA HAVE TO DO IS PUT INTO PRODUCTION!

The only thing that springs to mind is the Nissan 370z, very very simular and the nissan is most probably going to be alot cheaper...

If they could get the exhaust sound of a Ferrari they'd be onto a winner with this car