Traffic Lights Powered By Artificial Intelligence Could End Rush Hour Congestion

Often find yourself cursing at daft traffic lights? That could change…

New ‘Smart’ traffic lights could be introduced to the UK to encourage a safer road network as the computer system prioritises road users, such as ambulances, buses and cyclists to ease the flow.

Motorists in Milton Keynes will be the lucky recipients of the £3million trial period, as 2,500 sensors will begin controlling the traffic network from as early as September.

Cameras are currently used to manually monitor traffic updates and junctions are sequenced but they don’t react to the live congestion. 

You know sometimes when you’re driving in the dead of night, you come to a red light at a crossroads and find yourself waiting for what feels like an age for the lights to change? In its most simple and blatant form, this new technology will make sure that won’t happen.

Vivacity Labs are the brains behind all this. Yang Lu, Chief Technology Officer at Vivacity Labs said: 'There is very limited intelligence to the current management of urban roads.

'By introducing AI into the camera itself, Vivacity Labs has created a system that accurately identifies and reports road usage, removing the need for cumbersome manual interpretation and significantly reducing the potential for human error. 

This lays the groundwork for the smart city of the future, using data flows to guide driverless vehicles to their destination with minimal congestion. 

'It also improves traffic today as it can be linked with existing management systems to keep vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, safe by giving priority at lights, or alter signs to direct traffic away from congestion.'

'The Innovate UK project will help demonstrate the value of the data our device creates, giving us the basis to offer our system to local municipalities across the world.'

i drive a hgv early in the morning on the same route everyday, there is a 3 mile stretch on an A road that is full of lights, they are green as you approach them then they switch to red when there is nothing coming from the junctions, it drives me mad

Yes its wonderful. I have no doubt in my mind this so called intelligent cameras or AI system will be used in future to control all the vehicles on the road. They can even monitor the movement of the vehicles from A to B. Big brother is watching you again.

Plus you can now bring an entire city or country to a standstill through hacking the system. Idiots are seeding their own distruction.

OK, in the hands of a lunatic local authority with a silly anti car agenda will this be used to ease congestion for ordinary motorists or will it be used to create congestion for them to make public transport or cycling the lesser of two evils? Many local authorities, such as Blackburn with Darwen Council and Lancashire County Council, are using bus lanes and traffic lights already, not to make buses faster than they were to begin with, but to slow down cars down so they can say public transport is faster than private cars. Everyone who has encountered a faulty light or badly timed light at roadworks knows how traffic light timing can make the difference between a smooth flowing road and a queue that stretches for miles, however, local authorities favour fashionable anti car agendas and ways to make money from fining people.

Simply adopt the German system of flashing amber from 8 pm , meaning you give way instead of stopping

If they REMOVED many of the lights that aren't needed that would make a hell of a difference.

councils should not have say in how it works they can't even get road markings right & they don't even replace lights that have be knocked down so at a right turn filter light drivers don't know if it on filter or not they are only interested in Road safety when it make money for the council's to waste on speed bumps that are not necessary & are causing unnecessary pollution by having change gear all the time & accelerating when there is no need for it not to mention the damaged caused to car suspension.