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Zero-emission vehicles make up nearly a third of new car models
Data from SMMT shows a surge in electric vehicle options and demand in the UK with over 100 models now available
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UK to introduce self-driving cars by 2026 under new law
The Automated Vehicles Act, a new law enacted yesterday (May 20, 2024), will pave the way for fully autonomous vehicles on UK roads within...
May 21, 2024
London Uber drivers offered £5,000 EV grant
Uber aims to accelerate London's electric vehicle shift with new driver grants and incentives
May 20, 2024
Are solar panels on cars a future possibility?
Regit explores whether cars with solar panels already exist, how well they work, and which manufacturers are leading the charge...
May 17, 2024
What is bi-directional charging for electric cars?
Imagine being able to run an electric mower at your allotment, keep a portable fridge running while camping,
May 16, 2024
Causing a stir in the latest My Ami Buggy
We were given the opportunity to take the latest My Ami Buggy out for a spin in and around Coventry and the khaki-coloured little vehicle...
May 09, 2024
Audi Q6 e-tron vs Porsche Macan EV vs Range Rover EV
What's the most exciting new luxury SUV that's coming out this year?
May 09, 2024
Lamborghini Urus SE Preview
The Urus SE is the first PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) version of the Lamborghini Super SUV
May 08, 2024
Electric vehicles are at the top of the list for used models that have lost the most value in the last year
Out of the 30 models that have seen a decline in value over the last year, a staggering 24 are EVs
May 03, 2024
Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to extend the range of its upcoming electric G-Class EV
The current model, the G580 EQ, offers 292 miles with its 116kWh battery
May 03, 2024
What can we expect to see from the cars of tomorrow?
What could we expect to see in our cars over the coming years and are there any features which will completely change the way we drive?
May 02, 2024
Elon Musk visits China to explore Full Self-Driving implementation
The Tesla CEO aims to enable Full Self Driving (FSD) capabilities and utilise data collected in China to enhance Tesla's algorithms.
Apr 29, 2024
Tesla cuts its prices, but is this a reflection of the EV industry as a whole?
The last time Tesla implemented such a change, it sent used EV prices spiralling
Apr 25, 2024
Self-driving cars still decades away from full freedom
The CEO of a self-driving car company says we won't see cars that can drive themselves anywhere without human help for many years.
Apr 24, 2024
Government rejects reintroduction of grants for electric cars
A Lords Committee report advocating discounts to boost EV sales has been ignored by the UK government
Apr 22, 2024
Electric vehicle prices set to match traditional car prices by 2025
As battery tech improves and demand grows, prices are expected to drop quickly.
Apr 18, 2024
Number of supermarkets offering EV charging increases
The number of supermarkets with electric vehicle (EV) chargers has gone up by 59% last year
Apr 17, 2024
Richard Hammond has predicted that the majority of cars will be internal combustion engine in 2050
With no big motoring show on TV right now, this 54-year-old is thinking we could really use a program that educates viewers about...
Apr 15, 2024
How F1 will use 100% sustainable fuels from 2026
Currently, F1 uses E10 fuel with 10% renewable ethanol, while Formula Two and Formula Three have used 55% sustainable fuel
Apr 10, 2024
EV Showdown: Tesla surpasses BYD to regain top spot in EV sales
Despite falling short by approximately 63,000 cars in last quarter's deliveries, Tesla still managed to outperform its Chinese competitor,...
Apr 04, 2024
Who is Xiaomi? The Chinese smartphone giant who's debut car sold out in 24 hours
The SU7, the debut electric vehicle from Xiaomi boasts an impressive range of over 500 miles and a sub three-second 0-62mph time
Apr 04, 2024
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