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Bath clean air zone

Bath Clean Air Zone

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Bath Clean Air Zone Charges, Location, And How To Pay

Bath Clean Air Zone daily charge, area of operation and how to pay information revealed as the city tackles pollution.

The Bath Clean Air Zone helps the city satisfy air quality regulations by reducing traffic pollution. This is important as dirty air causes breathing issues, heart conditions, and other health problems. On this basis, you pay a daily charge to enter parts of the city if your applicable vehicle has very high emissions. Naturally, this encourages you to pick a cleaner option.

Bath Clean Air Zone charges

Bath Clean Air Zone charges apply 24 hours per day, every day. A day is midnight to midnight. You are charged to enter if your taxi, private hire vehicle, minibus, van, lorry, coach, or other applicable vehicle cannot meet its related emission standard. Euro 4 for a petrol powered van, for instance. However, there is no charge for your private car or motorbike irrespective of emissions.

Bath Clean Air Zone map

The Bath Clean Air Zone covers the centre of the city. This includes Royal Victoria Park and Approach Golf Course on its western border. It also stretches to King Edward’s School to the east, Lansdown Road to the north, and Oldfield Road to the south. Whether this area expands further remains to be seen.

Bath clean air zone map

How to pay

The Bath Clean Air Zone is monitored by a system that reads your vehicle’s number plate. It then calculates its emissions and charges if required. The price is £9 for a small vehicle such as a taxi or £100 for a large vehicle, such as a lorry over 3.5 tonnes. Motorists pay on the day of the trip, up to six days before, or up to six days after on the internet.