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Bristol clean air zone

Bristol Clean Air Zone

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Bristol Clean Air Zone Charges, Location And Exemptions

Bristol City Clean Air Zone charges, how to pay, its location, plus the possible exemption if you have a low income.

The Bristol Clean Air Zone is an incoming scheme to reduce the traffic pollution linked to lung cancer, asthma, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. In short, you will pay daily to enter parts of the city if your vehicle has extremely high emissions. This is to encourage you to pick a cleaner model that gets in for free. An electric car, for instance.

Bristol Clean Air Zone charges

Bristol Clean Air Zone charges will apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Expect to pay if your private car, taxi, light goods vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, bus, or coach does not meet its related emission standard. A Euro 4 for a private petrol powered car, for example, would need to pay the charge. If you’re in doubt, an online tool ( will let you enter your vehicle’s registration number to establish whether you have to pay.

The cost will be £9 a day for smaller vehicles such as your car rising to £100 per day for a heavy goods vehicle, bus, or coach. However, you might not have to pay even if your vehicle does not meet its emission standard. Although unconfirmed, you might be exempt for a year if you live in the city but earn less than £24,000, for example. Such details will be confirmed in due course.

Bristol City Clean Air Zone Map

The Bristol Clean Air Zone map will only cover the city centre. It will include the A4044 toward the northern border, the A370 toward the south, Station Approach in the east, and the A3029 in the west.

Bristol clean air zone map

How to pay

The Bristol Clean Air Zone will be monitored by a camera system. It will automatically read your vehicle’s registration plate, calculate any emissions, then charge you if required. Much like other cities, you will be able to pay online via Naturally, there will be a penalty if you forget to pay.

Launch date

The Bristol Clean Air Zone is likely to launch in October 2021.