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Portsmouth Clean Air Zone Charges, Location and How To Pay

Portsmouth launched its own Clean Air Zone on 29th November 2021.

Portsmouth clean air zone map

Drivers of private vans, cars and motorcycles will not be charged to drive in Portsmouth, no matter how old the vehicle is, but they could be charged in other clean air zones in the UK.

The Portsmouth CAZ is a class B, meaning that ‘non-compliant’ vehicles will be issued a daily charge to drive in the zone. For the Portsmouth CAZ ‘non-compliant’ vehicles are buses, coaches, taxi, private hire vehicles and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet euro 6 standards if diesel, or euro 4 standard if petrol.

Non-compliant taxis and private hire vehicles will be charged £10 per day to drive through the zone, and non-compliant buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles will pay £50 per day.

There are some specific vehicle exemptions, including for emergency service and military vehicles. Check if you’ll be charged via our checker above or head to the Portsmouth Clean Air Zone website to view the full list of exemptions.

If you live in other areas of the UK and are affected by ULEZ or CAZ, you can check if your car is exempt from the charges here.

Frequently Asked Questions

It started on the 29th of November, 2021.

The zone will cover the southwestern part of Portsmouth.

It is around 3 km2 and incorporates regions like Gunwharf Quays and the University of Portsmouth North Zone.

The northern piece of the zone arrives at Kingston Crescent and proceeds right down to Winston Churchill Avenue in the south of Portsmouth and Portsmouth harbor toward the west.

To be CAZ compliant, the vehicle that uses diesel must meet at least the Euro 6 emissions standards and if it runs on petrol it must meet at least the Euro 4 emissions standard.

For a passenger car, you will have to pay a £10 fee for every 24h.